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Initially, phase one of this project ran for one calendar year: 1 January 2011 - 31 December 2011.

The aim was to publish the final advice information by early January 2012 in time for BETT and associated events. The project is on schedule with the planned dates below.


Jan - Feb
Initial meetings with project partners. Identification of national and international experts in the field and establishing the discussion areas of the groups.

Feb - April
Identification of lead practitioner facilitators to run the closed community discussions and practitioners to take part in those discussions.

April - July
Closed community conversations with practitioners. Discussions with learners.

July - Sept
'Lead facilitators' write up conclusions of early activity and learners input.

Sept - Nov
Indicative finding papers released to the wider community, feedback is sought and collected, including further learners feedback.

Nov - Dec
Final write up of advice pages, including generic advice for strategies with emerging technologies as yet unknown, ready for release at BETT, Olympia January 2012

these dates and headings were expected to be indicative rather than prescriptive - this was a crowd-sourced, bottom up project and liable to change, of course. In practice we stuck to the timelines above - everyone was very conscious of the very high level of interest and the many folk waiting for the materials to be released.

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