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Facebook, mobile phones, Twitter, YouTube and more - in the classroom.
What effective practice have schools identified that others can use as a sensible starting point?

new phase 1 FINAL REPORT now published - January 2012

When this project started many schools had adopted locking

and blocking by default. But just saying "open them up" obviously isn't enough - schools need policy guidance, the confidence that others have already tried with success, an evolutionary model, and authentic advice by teachers for teachers, by school for schools, that they might build from, with trust.

Thus the aim of the "cloudlearn" research project was (and is) to source, collate, reflect on and publish proven effective practice from experienced classroom teachers and practitioners - building forward from what worked for them, in their cultural and educational context, to offer a portfolio of general and proven approaches.

As phase one of the research, itself largely conducted within the very social media it embraces, comes to an end, the papers and details will appear indexed from here at - and many of you are anticipating them already of course.

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index of published materials

  1. the initial and widely adopted "using Facebook safely in the classroom" advice that predicated this research project can be found here
  2. the methodology paper
    interesting because the methodoldogy effectively crowdsourced the data - but mediated by practitioners
  3. the literature review
    which may also be useful to you
  4. crowd sourced guidelines providing a secure and tested starting point for schools and institutions
  5. and finally, launched at BETT 2012 in January, the final report from phase one.


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